Viking Quest
A group of brave PEAC students undertook the task of delving into the mysterious world, culture, religious beliefs, warfare and life and times of the Vikings.   With the help of Dr Shane McLeod they re- enacted a Viking ship style burial then went on to make and sail their own vessels with varying degrees of success!  They stitched their own fabulous footwear, reconstructed villages and created shields to defend their land.  The course concluded with each student deemed worthy to enter Valhalla where the feasting began.  Viking vittles were shared by all and included pickled herrings, smoked mussels, quail and duck eggs, cottage cheese, rye bread, honey, nuts and dried berries.  Some of the dishes proved more popular than others but great credit must be given to the students for trying a little bit of everything and still managing to smile. .
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Round One 2019   begins 25 February