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Round One 2019   begins 25 February
Do you have ambitions to be a lawyer, or simply like to argue? In this course students are introduced to the origins and basic principles of our legal system. Students learn the language of the law, and how laws are made, beginning with the Magna Carta. Students visit the State's oldest courthouse, Francis Burt Law Centre, where they observe a Magistrate's Court in session and take part in a mock trial. Some student responses You might think, ‘Law courts; Boring!’ but no way! We went on an excursion to the Francis Burt Law Court and the best part was seeing a court in session. We also had a mock trial and got to play the parts of the accused, the witness, judge, usher and prosecuting and defence lawyers. In this course we learnt about the Magna Carta and The Rule of Law. We discovered where laws come from and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We had an incursion by an actual lawyer and asked questions like, ‘What happens if you know your client is guilty?’, ‘Are you allowed to defend yourself in court?’ and ‘What was your most difficult case?’ We met a policeman and we asked, ‘When are you allowed to break the law?’ and ‘What happens when a child breaks the law?’