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Round One 2019   begins 25 February
One of the longest running courses in PEAC! Conducted by Mr Slater, students design and create their own computer games through planning, problem solving, investigation and patience. They also get the chance to place them on their very own wiki gaming website! PEAC is proud to announce the arrival of the new software platform: Gamemaker Studio 2!
Game downloads!
Title: Colour Sphere  Creator: Thomas  File Size: 7.46MB Download Title: Dr Who - Treachery in Time  Creator: Jacob  File Size: 87.9MB Download Title: Blue Ghost Escape  Creator: Maxim  File Size: 20.3MB Download Title: The Explorerís Adventure  Creator: Thomas  File Size: 6.84MB Download
Check out some prime examples of games that were developed by PEAC students in the course.