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Round One 2019   begins 25 February
Exploring Engineering Robert’s Review
Exploring Engineering is a fantastic PEAC course that allows you to discover many types of inventions. During the course we made our own catapults, bridges, land yachts and roller coasters. We had to draw on our own abilities to find solutions, think creatively and problem solve. I absolutely loved constructing these creations using my own designs. We got challenged with things like going to tender, financial constraints, presentation skills and plain old failure! I even liked our team’s malfunctioning roller coaster, which I named `The Successful Failure!` We were finally challenged to make our own projects. These projects could be absolutely anything that had an aspect(s) of engineering. I made a cable-stayed bridge.  I decided to present it at Mosman Park Primary School’s assembly with another PEAC student, Halle Robson, who had the innovative idea of making a solar hot dog cooker! The teachers and the chaplain of Mosman Park loved how in Exploring Engineering we used our Keys to Success and Values (Persistence, Resilience, Confidence, Organisation, Getting Along). Everybody at school loved seeing these awesome creations we made on our absent Thursday Mornings. I would recommend this course to every PEAC student! Robert. PEAC Student