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Round One 2019   begins 25 February
There was a whole lot of wriggling going on when Dr Sasha Voss, an expert in forensic entomology, visited Mount Claremont PEAC Centre.  In order to convey how the behavior and physiology of insects affects the decomposition of human remains, she brought along some of her most choice maggots to share.  They had been carefully stored in a large, plastic container.  Firstly they had to be gently warmed next to the heater as they were feeling rather sleepy due to the cold morning temperature.  Then Dr Voss instructed the students to squirt small amounts of red paint onto sheets of paper. Next, the reanimated maggots were carefully placed in the paint. Students were able to observe their rather energetic behavior as they spread outwards across the sheets in search of a suitable place to pupate. Every student left the session with a very interesting piece of maggot art and a greater understanding of how forensic entomology can be helpful in determining time and location of death.  It is true that the topic of dead bodies, animal or human, can appear macabre. However, it is also important to remember that death and decomposition are natural processes, playing an important part in how an ecosystem operates. Thank you Dr Voss for a wonderful forensic entomology incursion.