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Round Two 2018   28 May - 17 August
The Scitech Brainstorm challenge was awesome. My favourite part was the Astronomy Challenge where we got to learn about the universe. I also enjoyed the Coding Challenge and Engineering Quiz. I enjoyed working with people I hadn’t met before. I think it was a great event! Will
The annual Scitech Brainstorm Challenge Day event is a mix of fun, challenge and learning. The whole day event serves to extend students’ interest and awareness in science, engineering, technology and maths via a range of motivating challenges.  The activities provide a platform for like-minded students to increase their confidence and team building skills. Parents are responsible for the safe transport of their child to and from Scitech on the day. Students must be dropped off and collected by a parent or guardian. Registrations have closed for 2017.
Wednesday 18th  October 2017
I thought it was great. My favourite challenge was the Coding Challenge because you had to create different codes to finish challenges. The Astronomy challenge was also a great challenge – you had to remember some facts and then answer some questions. Jack
At the Scitech Brainstorm Challenge my favourite was the Rover Challenge because you were given limited materials to keep the Rover safe. The day was great and I will never forget it. I am sure everyone loved it. James