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Round One 2019   begins 25 February
Amazing Aztecs
In Round 3 a group of PEAC students indulged their love of gruesome history with a study of the amazing yet awful, cultured but cruel Aztec civilisation which flourished in Mesoamerica during the 16th century. Inglewood Primary School student Lucy (Year7) has been a repeat `customer` for all things historical as she loves the teaching strategies PEAC staff employ: `We did a lot of pre-reading and viewing at home in the on- line classroom, Edmodo.  This freed up time for more practical activities in the PEAC Centre.  Each week we would make or create something which had a high level of significance to the Aztec people.  This really brings history alive, whether making a headdress for King Moctezuma, a cloak for a nobleman or a mosaic death mask.  When it came to writing a formal essay for assessment, I found everything was so much easier to remember.  Plus, you are shown how to structure your response which is really helpful before starting high school.’ The course concluded with a feast which was a veritable Aztec Masterchef.  Dishes included deboned quails, rice and beans, roasted rabbit, spicy enchiladas, duck tortillas and chilli flavoured chocolate.  The Aztecs particularly loved to eat small, hairless dogs. Thank goodness they were definitely NOT on the menu!
Domonic, Year 7, Sorrento Primary School, dressed as an Aztec nobleman holding his mosaic mask, standing behind his model `Temple of Terror`.