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Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC) in the North Metropolitan Education Region caters to the special learning needs of gifted and talented students in Years 5 and 6. PEAC centres offer a wide range of extension courses as well as specialist courses in a variety of community and educational settings. Learn more... Latest News
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Round Three 2017   4 Sep - 24 Nov
Find our centres See our work  Courses, work samples, awards...  and more! Scitech Brainstorm Challenge Day - 18 October 2017 Round 3 - Get Ready! An Exciting Opportunity for Year 5 PEAC Students TEDEd Club Places still available!
   Nominations for round 3 courses have closed. Acceptance letters have been distributed to schools and parents by email. Round 3 Booklet Here

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Yuluma PEAC (Admin Centre) Yuluma Primary School, 21 Ambrose Street, Innaloo 6018 (Map) P 9204 2969   F 6323 3371   E  admin@northmetropeac.wa.edu.au 
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   Registrations are open for the annual day held at Scitech. Hurry! Places are limited. Register for the Brainstorm Challenge now!
   After school sessions planned to commence Tuesday 12 September Places still available! Learn more and register your interest here!